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severe incontinence following abdominal hysterectomy

Posted by @sidsegreen, Jan 3, 2012

Hi. If you can shed any light on my situation, any ideas, please do so as I am at the point where I worry I won’t be able to continue at my job as an electrician due to such severe incontinence. It doesn’t appear to follow the symptoms for either urge or stress incontinence. I rarely have the urge to urinate. If I do, I rarely get to the bathroom on time. The incontinence doesn’t get any better or worse with activity or positioning. It happens when I sleep, sit, stand, walk, etc. I cannot go without urinary incontinence products ever.

I had an abdominal hysterectomy with removal of one ovary last Sept, 2011. While I healed well, as soon as I was up and about, the incontinence began, progressively getting worse. I have used Vesicare, with no effect. I am doing Kegel exercises. I have cut out sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol completely.

My gynecologist who did the surgery has not seen me postop. He has cancelled two of my appointments. My family doctor as treated 4 bladder infections in the last 10 weeks but doesn’t know what else to do. He is going to begin the referral process to see a urologist or urogynecologist. I would appreciate some advice about the right kind of doctor to see. I assume I will see the obgyn at some point. I live in a remote area and access to care is sometimes limited but I am willing to travel to find the right cure.



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Posted by @msd, Jan 13, 2012

Im very sorry you are having this problem I was having what you call overactive bladder problems leakage when coughing laughing and such Ialso felt the need to go all the time I have had a partial hysterectomy in 2004 my problem got worse so last week I had a (tvt) tension-free vaginal taping surgery done it went well DSoc said most patients are able to use the restroom right after surgery but I couldnt I came home with a self catheter thats what they called it that same nite after surgery I was rushed back to the hospital because my bladder wasnt getting completlyemptied and it was so painful I couldnt walk In the emergency room the insertied a catheter with a bag and I immediately felt better and had to come home with that catheter since then I been back to the Doc and he removed the catheter and said use it when I feel the need Im just now able to go a little bit but Im still off work which is something I cant afford cuz I am a single parent and I still use the catheter some nites when I feel like my bladder is full dont know if this helps but it is something to think about


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Posted by @cara1336, Feb 8, 2012

i have interstitial cystis and it got very bad and has been since my hyster in 06 try seeing a uro or a urogyno pain incontance frequency the whole 9 yards i function daily on a very heavy dose of narcotics and numerous other meds i live very in the middle of nowhere my normal travel time to doctors in between 3 to 16 hours one way if you would like to talk about what has helped for me feel free to message me

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