Severe headaches and now clumsiness. Should I be concerned?

Posted by behavioralsci @behavioralsci, May 16, 2018

Hello everyone. For the past three years, Ive been experiencing dull headaches that have been on and off every couple of weeks. However, they have become substantially worse with time. Last July, I experienced the worst headache I had ever had in my life. My headache was so bad, I couldn’t leave my bed. My boyfriend had to carry me to the hospital. Once there, they prescribed Tylenol (typical) and sent me home without further testing. Of course the medication did not work but with no other options I sucked it up and slept it off. I woke up 13 hours later, oversleeping through my alarm. I am a 20 year old college student, so they probably brushed off my condition as general stress. Recently though, my headaches have become more consistent throughout the week. I’ll have strong, dull headaches on one side of my head at least 3 times a week.

I have also noticed that I have been losing my balance. At work, school, and even at home. I’ll be simply standing still and suddenly I find myself leaning to one side. I have not fallen on the ground yet, but I have been very close. I just catch myself every time, but this recurring situation is very weird. My hands have also become very shaky. I cannot hold things without dropping them at least once.

Maybe I am overreacting, or maybe I’m not. I was wondering if there was any reason for me to head to the doctors office. I have gone before, but they still believe it is because of stress. Not sure. Should I try a different doctor? Opinions?

Get the best evaluation you can find, right now! Hopefully, another contributor can make a specific recommendation.

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I was the same way. And it kept going on for a year. Then it got to the point that when I would cough I had so much pain and pressure I couldn't stand it. After fighting for such a long time going from one doctor to another and being checked for brain aneurysm. I finally found a doctor that recommended a MRI of the brain. Come to find out I have what is called Chiari Malformation. Going to a neurologist and being treated for it as surgery is not one of the options I like. But the pain is terrible, numbness an tingling in fingers. Sometimes I just ask God why? Get checked and follow up, there is a reason for everything don't take chances.

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Hi, @behavioralsci – how are things going with the headaches, balance issues and shakiness you were experiencing?

@leopatt – how is the pain, numbness and tingling you mentioned?

Could be pots if you have tachycardia as well. Get tested for everything to make sure. Docs underestimate impact of neuro conditions too often.

see your post was made awhile ago, but I'm new here. If you haven't been evaluated by a neurologist who specializes in spinal cord problems, I would recommend that you do that. The symptoms you describe could be spine related…dropping things and balance I've experienced all of them because of cervical stenosis. If you had a whiplash in your past, there could be a disc injury and muscle spasms causing this. Dizziness and vertigo can be caused when the C1 & C2 vertebrae are out of alignment and having anything out of alignment can cause the bad headaches up the back and one side of your head. If you are studying a lot, you could be bending your neck forward and provoking this by moving the vertebrae out of their normal curve. That happened to me and I actually fell over and couldn't stop myself even though I had my hand on a railing. Realigning my neck in physical therapy resolved the vertigo. I had surgery at Mayo to fix my spine issues and it resolved all of that along with other symptoms. If you have not had an MRI of your neck, you might want to ask for one. I think a neurologist would be the way to go. If you have any questions about my treatment, recovery or about my experience at Mayo, just ask.

I would go see my GP and insist on some testing. Stress is stress, but you can’t be too careful with things that these symptoms have the potential of beingdiagnosed as and any decent GP will know that. Sounds a,lot like some of my stuff, but not entirely….had two cervicalvertebrae that were compromising my spinal cord. Needed a 2 level cervical fusion…but that didn’t entirely fix my arms so I had carpel tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery on both arms as well. Actually now that I think of it, they did nerve conduction studies AFTER my neck surgery. If it is suspect that your condition is a crushed disc, cubital tunnel, etc, I would have my Neurologist do the Nerve Conduction studies BEFORE any surgery. Other wise it is harder to tell what is going on with your outer limbs as I am having a righteous pain right now as I am still having weakness and pain in my arms! Good luck and I hope it isn’t anything serious!

yes by all means go to your doctor. you have a chance that what ever is causing your symptoms is in the early stages and very treatable.

hey,,I also have the same problem as you,,my ct scan results were "arachnoid cyst"but they said the MRI results are normal,which I don't believe..I have dull headache,poor memory,tremors of the hands and dizziness so I hope u go to good doctor that know what is ur disease..

Hi @mahlet159,

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@mahlet159, what explanation has your doctor offered for your symptoms?

I think you might need to see a Neurologist. There is a condition called Chiari1 which you should look into and check off any of the side effects you think you might have. The main side effect is headache and losing your balance plus a hoard of other symptoms. I was treated for this condition in the UK 14 years ago and it took 9 years before I was diagnosed. Please talk to your doctor.

hi there – please see your doctor ASAP. The symptoms you have described should be thoroughly looked into. Didn't the hospital do a CT scan or an MRI ?.. I think your ongoing balance difficulties is quite
serious – for so many reasons – and should not be blamed on stress! Get your doctor to take care of this. Please!!!

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