Severe Esophageal Dysmotility

Posted by nicole0325 @nicole0325, Apr 14 4:36pm

I have had acid reflux and indigestion problems for years. I’ve seen a gastroenterologist for years as well.

I have a genetic problem that I have to go to University of Iowa hospitals, for that is called Ehlers Danlos syndrome. I have a hyper mobility of joints, which there is no cure, but I have along with that a connective tissue disorder, which affects my collagen and healing

I have for the last couple years, felt different as if stuff was getting stuck at the bottom of my back of my throat or bottom of my neck. I would still go to bed a couple hours after I’ve had supper, and would be inclined, and still regurgitate. I can drink liquid and still bend over shortly after and it comes back up.

I have met with the surgeon at the University of Iowa hospitals, and he explained with my issue and having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that my risks would outweigh my benefits, and I could be worse off. He said because of my connective tissue disorder that collagen issue would allow me to not heal. I also had an emergency splenectomy years ago and he said I would probably have quite a bit of scar tissue inside, which would be difficult as well to do the surgery. In August I am going to have a device put on my esophagus and I have to wear it for 48 hours to measure the acid in my stomach. He said if that measures extremely high, he may rethink surgery.

After all of this, I’ve said, I guess I’m just wondering what kind of stuff I can eat. I have been drinking meal replacement shakes for the most part. I can eat salad because it’s not hard and crunchy. I eat yogurt. Otherwise I might as well forget meat, and bread of any sort.

If anyone has any ideas of a diet or food that I could eat, please let me know.

Thank you so much

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Have you tried to eat small meals, very small bits and chew them like a hundred times? I recently had a nissen fundoplication surgery and since my esophagus was very swollen, I had to be on a liquid diet for a couple of weeks and then start very slowly and sometimes I did feel that food got stuck in my throat but eating small meals, small bits and chewing many many times really helped..

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