Severe depression

Posted by kparks @kparks, Jan 23, 2012

My Dr. has me on some much medication right now I don’t know which way to turn; I have been crying everyday since the middle of November. All I do is have obsessive thoughts running thru my head about suicide, whether of or not to go into the hospital because these meds he has me on are definitily arent working

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i think you should go to the er if you feel that you are suicidal. noone wants to lose you in their lives. you ARE an important person and there is help out there for you. sometimes it does take a while for the medications to kick in so that might be the case as well. try to get a therapist as well. anything that you think would help, don’t give up!!!


hello my dear one it’s my first comment on this website, please try to think about everything that is good in your lie and like hopex said your family and friends lovers if none yourself life is a journey take the good and the bad deep down you are strong try to reduce the meds, get out of your house and go to the parc or make a travel believe me you don’t really need too many people near you like the psy advice you you just need a few around you go back to the nature deserts this is your best cure.For 3 years I suffered depression I got my diploma and couldn’t work no one gave a chance I elt like an outkast my parents were disapointed o me so was I and I kept crying every night and blaming my self now that I look back it was stupid should have tried not to blame it all on me
Inchallah will turn out well just suicide is not the answer you are and you can do it be surrounded by family is your cure

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