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Severe Constipation

Posted by @lparker1 in Digestive Health, Nov 15, 2012

I feel I have no hope! I am 24 years old and I have severe constipation and NOTHING seems to work. I have been to 4 doctors all around texas, changed my diet, taken laxatives, tried suppliments, drinking water, had tests done, physical therapy and so on and so on. All they can tell me is that I have slow transit and IBS. It is nothing for me to go 5, 6, 7 days without seeing anything and then when I finally get the urge I am dissapointed as to the very little that comes out. Please..... please can anyone help and am I truly alone. My next thoughts are to undergo surgery of the large inteston and I certainly do not want to do that. I starve myself so I will not feel the pain... but I can only go so long with that now can I. Please help!

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Posted by @feeble6tress, Nov 27, 2012

Are you on any Meds that can cause constipation. Your best bet would be to try to drink a bottle of magnesium Citrate. I have such severe stomach ailments too and ibs is a crackpot diagnosis. I'm in such pain no matter what I eat. My entire chest and abdomen fill with air to the point that it tingles and hurtsnlike when your foot falls asleep.


Posted by @leibniz, Dec 18, 2012

Hi. Although I don't have an answer for you, my wife is currently in the ICU of our hospital with the same issue. She has been here a week an still no solution. The smartest doctors here don't want to get any more invasive than an enema. I see it has been a month since you posted- would you be able to update us on your status? I would also be interested in hearing about any other successful recoveries from severe constipation. Thank you!


Posted by @leibniz, Dec 18, 2012

Also I am interested in treatments for this condition. Thank you!

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