severe constipation caused by pelvic floor disfunction in a man .

Posted by jgpg @jgpg, Feb 2, 2019

Jhave had severe constipation for 3 months and lost 30 pds. Is there any help?

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Hi @jgpg, 30 pounds in three months is certainly a lot of weight. While we wait for other members to join in, do you mind sharing a bit more information? Are you losing weight because you are not eating due to the constipation? What sort of things have you tried and has anything worked even a little bit? Has your medical provider offered any suggestions up to this point?


thanks for the reply.. it would probably take to long for me to type. I am 75 and not thT GOOD ON COMPUTORS . can I give you my cell phone number and you call or give me a number to reach you if possssible?


I did try to get in mayos and they denied me.. If you wantt I can for woard paperrs or have my wife type out me reply. jim petty


Hi @jgpg you may have noticed I add your conversation to the Digestive Health group so that more Connect members can see your post. Click VIEW & REPLY in your email notification to be brought to the post.

On Connect fellow patients provide tips and suggestions from personal experience. You mentioned that you can have your wife type out a reply and I think that is a great idea, as then other Connect members can take part in the discussion after learning more about you.

As Justin asked, do you mind sharing a bit more information?

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