Severe metal allergy to titanium, nickel need joint replacement

Posted by jennla @jennla, Jun 20, 2019

I have a known titanium allergy, doctor diagnosed who also advised I have my metal tooth fillings removed, which I did. With my knee, it went from no issues to suddenly needing a TRK starting in April. I also have a promixal tibial stress fracture with bone marrow involvement, according to the MRI. I am bone on bone with bone spurs and am still on crutches and my life is in shambles. I am sofa bound. I’m also getting all out of alignment since I’m trying to deal with not using my right knee at all. (Aside from the 9/10 pain, it’s like it doesn’t work any more).

My understanding is in the US, there is no 100% metal free implant. I’m looking into stem cell procedures. I refuse currently to get an implant with metal since I believe it would open the portal to hell.

Any ideas?


Thanks for info. We asked about stem cell therapy and were quoted a cost of $7,000 not covered by insurance or Medicare. I have seen a lot of posts on here about stem cell therapy for knee replacements but nothing on shoulder replacements. Does anyone have knowledge of stem cell being used for shoulder joints? The doctor who quoted the price for the shoulder didn’t seem very confident it would work for a shoulder.

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i had it done on the back and i am pain free for 4 years

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