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Severe abdominal pain and vomiting

Posted by @joto in Digestive Health, Dec 28, 2012

Twice in the last month I have had severe abdominal pain and vomiting. Both times, it was sudden, beginning with nausea then very rapidly, it turned into a pain my pelvic region, so bad that I could barely withstand it...truly just short of making me lose consciousness.
Both times, I quickly threw up the contents of my stomach; I was absolutely writhing in pain throughout my pelvic region and down both legs, the second time my ears and scalp were itching like crazy. The first time I also had diarrhea.
Once the pain lets up so does the nausea and vomiting. It leaves me weak and shaky for a couple of days.

I am mortified that this may happen again. I truly do not think I can take it.
Thank you so much for listening. If you can offer any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!

Tags: kidney conditions, womens health

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Posted by @pamegannp, Mar 18, 2013

Are you taking any opioid pain medications?

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