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Severe abdomen pain with severe nausea

Posted by @jennyj in Digestive Health, Dec 12, 2011

I've had severe abdomen pain with uncontrollable nausea for over 5 yrs now and they still can't figure out what's wrong with me! In the beginning it wasn't so bad, would come and go. Was always told it was Endometriosis. It gets worse everyday now, I haven't worked in about 2 mths. They said the blood tests ruled out IBD and Cronh's, celiac etc.. I have severe pain everyday, starts in my lower stomach area and always goes to the left side. I have nausea that pills won't even touch, sometimes vomitting, I have diahrrea everyday. I've had 3 surgeries for Ovarian Cycts and Endometriosis then I had total hysterectomy in Oct. but still feeling like this and it's horrible. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions?? I need answers, the doctors i've been seeing don't know whats wrong, thinking about heading to Mayo in Rochester. Any help or familiar stories would be helpful. Thanks

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Posted by @marvelousme5, Dec 15, 2011

I believe the pain you are describing is diverticulitis. I have had severe abdominal pain in my left side with severe nausea. Do you ever have constipation, bloating, and gas accompanied with it? Diarrhea is a symptom.
Please ask your doctor to write you an order for a contrast CT scan or if the pain gets unbearable go to the ER and ask for a contrast CT scan to be performed. They will be able to determine if it is diverticulitis.
Before I was diagnosed with diverticulitis I thought I was having ovarian problems also because the pain feels like it is in your left ovary area. I had ultrasounds performed and was told I had follicles on my ovaries but not to worry because they were due to the Depo-Provera shot I was on for birth control.
If the diagnosis is diverticulitis you need to be prescribed Cipro and Flagyl. They should also prescribe you either Phenergan or Zofran for nausea. If these do not work orally I would suggest going to the hospital and have them give them to you by IV.
The left side is where the sigmoid colon and the descending colon meet and this is where food and bacteria get stuck. Most doctors claim that certain foods are more likely to get stuck in the diverticula, which are seeds, nuts, corn, brocolli florets, popcorn, and any food with a seed on it. Some people can eat these foods and they do not affect them.
I was also told by a surgeon to avoid caffeine and alcohol, which you will have to avoid caffeine and alcohol if you do have diverticulitis and take Cipro and Flagyl. Caffeine makes Cipro stronger and alcohol with Flagyl will cause you to get really sick to your stomach and cause nausea and vomiting.
It is recommended that while you are experiencing diverticulitis to drink a liqluid diet and eat bland foods like jello, crackers, and drink plenty of fluids. Once you start to feel better eat plenty of high fiber foods and always drink plenty of fluids. Also avoid greasy foods and seeds on buns, tomatoes, and the foods listed above.
My advise is to type in diverticulitis on here and and it will list the symptoms of diverticulitis. I have found both of these sites very helpful.
Believe me I know exactly how you feel. I take Cipro, Flagyl, Phenergan, and narcotic pain medication (even though it makes the constipation worse), and Align (a probiotic) everyday, and eat yogurt daily. I am experiencing a flare up of constipation and diverticulitis now so I am awful pain.
I hope this information helps. Please reply back and I will give you my email address. I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you feel better soon and take care.




Posted by @jhebert, Jan 25, 2012

I too have uncontrolled vomiting. I carry containers in my car and have them in the office, I have little warning when I am about to vomit.

I have had several endoscopes and even surgery for acid reflux. Mayo has told me they will not take me, there is nothing they can do. You are very fortunate to be able to get in.

I would like to hear what they discover.

Good luck!



Posted by @concernedmtnmom, Jan 3, 2012

My daughter is 10 and has many of the same symptoms: pain in left abdomen, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Started w/severe diarrhea 2.5 mos. ago. We did blood tests for parasites, bacteria, wheat allergy, CBC, celiac, dairy allergy. All neg. Didn't get better, went to a GI specialist at the children's hosp. Same tests plus a viral panel showed nothing. Since we have Crohn's and collitis in the fam, they did an endoscopy and colonoscopy with biopsies. Everything neg, so they say they definitively ruled out Crohn's, colitis, celiac. I think I believe them. They didn't get the small intestine biopsied or scoped beyond the terminal illeum and duodenum. Can you biopsy the actual small intestine? GI says no. After these biopsies the diarrhea got better (she can make it to restroom on time) but it's still there, everytime she goes. But she started vomiting and that is the worst part now, along with nausea, sometimes severe vomiting episodes (2 hr. long spells). She is skinny and holding her weight, but barely--she should be gaining. GI doc pretty much "broke up" with us (that's what it felt like) and was surprised when our pediatrician called to say she was not getting better. She made an appt. to see us 3 wks later. Meanwhile, my daughter is sick as a dog! So we got an MRI of her brain to see if it's "abdominal migraines/cyclical vomiting"--ever heard of that? MRI showed no cancer or tumors or bleeding or infections--thank God. But still no answers. That's where we are...waiting to see a neurologist soon to see if a closer look at the MRI will show us something, then see the GI again after that, and maybe resort to a barium swallow test (small intest. follow-thru). So sad and frustrated. She missed two mos. of school and we hope to get back. I am curious if you have had any similar guestimates on what is ailing you. It is NOT diverticulitis, her colon was healthy as can be. She has never been constipated or had bloating or gas. Lots of sharp pains across belly and in the left corner. They also ruled out h. pylori but said she has GERD and some esophagitis as a result but the Prilosec doesn't help much (heartburn persists) after 3 wks. She also did Zantac and Prevacid before that and neither helped.


Posted by @glutenfreecuredmycrohns, Jan 6, 2012

Try a gluten-free worked for me after 16 years of meds.


Posted by @anon89880224, Jan 6, 2012

Sickle cell disease??


Posted by @anon89880224, Jan 6, 2012

Intestinal ichsemia ?


Posted by @anon89880224, Jan 6, 2012

Panceatitis ?


Posted by @anon99084261, Feb 28, 2012

Gall bladder? Sounds like my friend she had to push to get it removed bc she wasn't "textbook" for gall bladder issue. Now she feels like new person. She had been in ER multiple times w severe pain and nausea and they couldn't figure out why.


Posted by @anon99084261, Feb 28, 2012

I mean she REALLY had to push, seeing diff docs. Tests were inconclusive, they wouldn't let her. But her pushing was all worth it in the end, she was at her wit's end and demanded with diff doc it just come out that she knew what it was. I hope you get it figured out soon! I know from experience that pain and not feeling like yourself just doesn't feel like "life",,, just trying to make it thru each day. People say just to deal, just to meditate it away, but it's impossible sometimes. Nor should you have to if there's something wrong.
I really suggest you push for gall bladder investigation and look into it more.
Stay strong and push for an answer and a life!!


Posted by @misskm, Apr 21, 2012

I agree with NoWhiteFlag. However, the severe nausea and sharp stabbing pains may mean you have gall stones that are impacted and intermittently causing blockages. It took several months for me to get a diagnosis. The pain was sometimes so bad, I would go into hospital, severely dehydrated from vomiting, get put on a drip and have some blessed relief hooked up to morphine, and then they would send me home a day or so later when the pain subsided. They had run tests for just about everything, except the gall bladder, because at 26 years old, they felt I was "too young" to have gall stones.

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