Seroquel helped my husband's FTD-related tremors

Posted by anncgrl @anncgrl, Sep 3, 2021

Just a thought…Seroquel helped with the tremors my husband had as a result of frontal temporal dementia. He developed tremors. They were Parkinson’s like but not Parkinson’s. He was prescribed Seroquel to help with moods but we soon realized his tremors were better. His gait improved a bit also. Within the FTD community I often read how Seroquel improves the quality of life mentally and occasionally physically for persons with FTD. It may help with tremors and associated discomforts. I hope this info helps someone.

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I wonder if your tremors could be a Seroquel-induced dyskinesia? How long did he take Seroquel and what does.
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Thanks for sharing this @anncgrl. @jakedduck1, I think you may have misread Ann's post. She shared that Seroquel reduced his tremors.

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