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Sensory issues affecting eating solid foods.????

Posted by @mommaflores, Jan 24, 2012

My 2 year old daughter has been getting PT and OT for over a year now and we just now are discovering that she has some major sensory issues. She cannot touch or even look at cotton balls without gagging… Amongst many other unusual things. Her largest problem is that she still isn’t eating solid foods. She has progressed to putting small amounts of food in her mouth, chewing a bit, then spitting out most of the food instead of swallowing. The OT and I are frustrated that we aren’t making much progress. Her endoscopy showed no strictures, MRI was normal… I am wanting to bring her to Mayo Clinic but I don’t know if anything can even be done for her??? Is anyone else out there dealing with the sensory stuff? If it weren’t for the therapists she has already I would have never know about SPD… None of her doctors acknowledge it!


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