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sending you positive thoughts on your "Healing Therapy," I am not able

Posted by @angelprana, Jan 23, 2012

sending you positive thoughts on your “Healing Therapy,” I am not able to use the C word. I have a more healing approach during my 18 treatments over the last 6 months. I just finished on Thursday. Yippie, and I went to visit other patients for support. I made sure and ate breakfast prior to my treatments, armed with my cross, my healing stone,, which I wrote.. Believe.. on it. My meditation were on my i phone, many friends would stay and visit me. My nurse was Christian and would also pray with me. As far as the neuropathy, towards the end of my treatment just my middle finger nail was turning purple. My nurse said to soak it in cold water. I always moved my fingers and brought a ball that was I use for tennis and would squeeze on it when my thoughts went to neuropathy.
In yoga I would makew sure and spread my fingers out on downward dog,
Good luck on your healing for your most recent surgery.
Blessed light your way! @rhondavford


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