Send Mayo Clinic nurses a Thank You! Nurses Week 2023

May 8-14 is Nursing Week 2022 at Mayo Clinic. To celebrate the hard work that Mayo Clinic nurses put in and to show your appreciation for the care received, we want them to hear from you!

Nurses Make a Difference: Anytime, Anywhere – Always

Post a short message of appreciation in the comments below for a nurse or nursing team who cared for you or your family member. Your messages and quotables will be collected and shared with Mayo Clinic nurses during an upcoming forum celebrating them.

What thank you message would you like to send?

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Hello from Canada. Although I read and post on mayo connect, I probably will not have the chance to ever visit any of the well known and respected Mayo Clinics,,, but may I say a huge thank you to nurses there and everywhere and say the majority of people/patients appreciate and are thankful for all the female and male nurses everywhere... it takes special people to want to work in a profession that cares for fellow humans, from young to old, rich and poor, minor to major health issues and try and keep a positive attitude ... well deserved appreciation all year but especially during Nursing Week. THANK YOU ALL


Nurses rock our world. They are the eyes and ears for the doctors they help. Like a good office manager, they are the heart of great patient care. Thank you to all our nurses. We patients appreciate all you do for us. Thanks for listening once again.
Susan Parrott


Good morning from Texas as I am new to this Mayo clinic connect, I thank God for it . Recently diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer, this has been helpful and encouraging reading of cases like mine. During my surgery, I had nursing staff that was so caring and my prayer is that I will have the same experience with this next surgery that I am scheduled to have on the 18th.
I pray for all the nurses for they are wearing many hats these days, but because they love their work and helping people, they come in with a big smile and caring conduct. Thank God for all Nurses.


On April 25th of this year I had a pituitary macroadenoma removed. I can't say enough about ALL of the wonderful nurses I crossed paths with throughout this process, from the Lab, imaging, and operating room to ENT, Endocrinology, Neurosurgery and those that helped pre-op and post-op. Special shout out to the nurses on Floor 9 at St. Mary's. You are all angels, really! The work you do on a daily basis to care for others coming out of surgery is amazing. The world is a better place because of your kindness and tender care. Keep up the wonderful work you do! You are truly a blessing to the Mayo Community and have a ripple effect on the lives of so many, and their families.
Sincerely, Sarah Karlen


I had two surgeries at once on May 24th. They were performed at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. 6 hours long! From the time they were with me getting me ready for surgery through my entire stay, 3 days, The Nurses I had were absolutely the BEST I have ever had or have seen anyone have. They work so hard and are so dedicated! Thank GOD for ALL of you! The ones who TRULY care and have REAL compassion and a real interest in helping us, the patients! YOU SHOULD BE CELEBRATED EVERY DAY! 🙏🙏
Thank you from my soul!
Cindy McGuire


I am thankful for all nurses, everywhere! There when I needed them, there when I really needed them. Their smiles and caring attitudes have made scary situations more pleasant.

Hats off to Teresa Micelli at Mayo Clinic Rochester campus for her professionalism and education. And my local nurses!


Thank you to Ted Mueller, hypertension and renal nurse, for always getting answers to my questions and for working so closely with the great Dr. Steve Erickson on my chronic kidney disease. And a thank you to all the nurses and medical professionals at the Nephrology and Hypertension Department at Mayo Rochester Medical Center. I will always remember your kindness, your professionalism, your genuine care whether in person or remotely.

Pat Fogg is not a nurse, she an indispensable resource in urology at Mayo Rochester Medical Center. It appears that Pat can coordinate everything to make sure patients get the highest quality care. She has tirelessly worked closely with the great Dr. Dave Patterson and others to ensure that all my exams and all my treatments go smoothly.

When I am at Mayo, I experience an embarrassment of riches.

Thank you Pat. Thank you Ted. Thank you all.


I'm not sure there are words that can express my gratitude and admiration for the fine nurses I have encountered in my lifetime. Last year alone I had 3 major surgeries and wondrously loving care at every stage, appointment, home visit, and follow-up. Over my lifetime I am sure I have encountered angels dressed as nurses and I am forever thankful for their compassionate spirit and excellent care. I haven't personally been to Mayo Clinic but your reputation is world-renowned for exceedingly wondrous care. I appreciate so much this opportunity to be part of Mayo Clinic Connect but more than anything I am thankful for the incredibly fine care that nurses everywhere offer, mostly to people they don't even know. Thank you, thank you for giving not only lifesaving care, but of your very selves to us!
Barb in Iowa


Thank you nurses of Mayo Clinic.....I had been at the hospital in Minnesota for help with
Burning Mouth Syndrome.
I am now seeing an ENT doctor in Albany,NY.
I have been taking a 0.5mg tablet of Clonazepam once per day.
It seems to be helping.


Nurse Tammy, kidney transplant coordinator, is wonderful!!! She is informed, compassionate, responsive, organized, and the list could go on. We feel very blessed to be working with Tammy as we await the prospect of a kidney transplant.

As many of you know, this wait has its ups and downs. There have been a couple of times that panic set in and after a chat with Tammy all was calm again. Thank you Tammy for all you do!!!! ……Stu and Kathy

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