Seizures with autoimmune encephalopathy/ encephalitis disease

Posted by Lisa @techi, Jun 22, 2018

I was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis and the encephalopathy disease but the doctors tell me l have nonepilectic seizures but l have tremors, can't get up or walk and sometimes slurred speech..l am a little confused. If you have these symptoms and it says these are some of the symptoms of encephalitis or encephalopathy who is right or wrong. Then l was told you are stress. Well l can't believe that. I had those symptoms today except the slurred speech and was watching TV. Then l was going to put the dogs out but l couldn't walk because l was going to fall. I had an appointment today to take my dogs to get a bath so l wouldn't say l was stressed. I do these things all the time. I had to put the dogs out holding on walls and praying l can get to the door and the wheelchair. Then l tried to go to the kitchen to get my lunch and another dose of my lactulose but dropped the cup to put it in. And when this happens l am always sleepy
Then when l get up l can't remember what happened. I had to go to the bathroom and l was praying l could get to the toilet because l was going to pee in the bed. Has anyone have this happen to them?

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