Seizure victim tazed and arrested (AGAIN!!!)

Posted by Leonard @jakedduck1, Sat, Jul 6 3:31pm

<p>This article was published April 2019 in the Indianapolis Star.</p><p>A man had an epileptic seizure. IMPD tackled, Tased and arrested him.</p><p>This article outraged me. Not so much because it happened but because it continues to happen so frequently. This article reminded me of when I was mistreated by police and security officers who believed I was drunk or on drugs. My last negative encounter was when I didn’t even have a seizure. I fell asleep and hit a parked car. The angry owner runs out and grabs me by the neck and throws me to the ground and holds me there and calls 911 & tells them a drunk just hit his truck. When police arrived they assumed I was drunk and treated me according. I asked them to make him release me so so I could get up but the officer said “I think your all right. They assumed I was drunk, refused to take me to the hospital for a blood alcohol test and refused to give me a breathalyzer test. Instead they called for backup. He too was unable to prove I’d been drinking and my impression was that it made them angry and the officers were more difficult to deal with. People who have seizures frequently have their rights violated. Police are often ignorant and sometimes arrogant when dealing with seizure victims. It’s often common for people having seizures to strike out especially during the post ictal phase of the seizure. Seizures manifest themselves in many different ways that the person has absolutely no control over. I’m lucky never being arrested but have been threatened with arrest and jail.

1. What are your thoughts about how police handle situations where citizens have legitimate health issues?

2. Should this officer have called an ambulance or taken him to jail?


I have had several encounters with police, some in a positive way some not so much.
I was curious if anyone else has had encounters with the police during a seizure either in a positive or negative way.

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