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seeking Mayo help for nocturnal seizures.

Posted by @krs, Aug 24, 2011

Hi. I’m considering seeking help from the Mayo Clinic for a nocturnal seizure disorder. First, I’d like to know if Mayo is as good as people say it is. I’ve seen so many doctors for a problem that is so very complicated and involves more than one specialty. Does Mayo really make a difference?

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Posted by @natjj, Jun 6, 2013

Mayo is incredible! I started having seizures 3 years ago and started going to mayo just after that. Just this last Dec. I was there in their epilepsy monitoring unit for 10 days. The care I have received every time I have been there is remarkable. After dozens of doctors I had lost hope-mayo gave it back. I highly recommend it. I will continue to be treated there and I would insist that my family be treated there if there was ever a problem. Prayers for you hope this helps

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