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SEEKING HELP WITH BLADDER PROBLEMS -- After waking up from a sinus

Posted by @toya, Feb 22, 2012

SEEKING HELP WITH BLADDER PROBLEMS — After waking up from a sinus surgery in Sept. 2011, my bladder suddenly stopped working. I have the constant urge to urinate, even when there is nothing in there. I have seen 10 different doctors, some suggested that I was constipated and that my colon/intestines were pushing on my bladder. But, a final diagnosis has found that the muscle simply no longer works — my bladder is health, it’s just large b/c it isn’t emptying properly, they say. They have recommended a special procedure that involves putting a pace-maker-like thing in my spine to send messages to the bladder to start working properly. But, I am in my mid-60s and have always had terrible side effects from past surgeries and am afraid of putting this device into my spine…and what if it doesn’t work? There is a 1 in 3 chance that it will work. They are giving me no other options outside of this…the discomfort is pretty much unbearable on most days…I’ve started acupuncture, but that seems to have made the sense of urgency even worse. I have also developed a pain in my right side, which some doctors think my be a hernia from all the stress that’s on my body from the bladder issue. I’m desperate at this point and though this community blog might bring some insight that the doctors can’t seem to find…any tips (has anyone used this bladder pace maker-thing?) or ideas or suggestions…any ANY thing is very welcome. I appreciate your input. Thank you! Toya

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