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Seeking 3000 Childhood Cancer Survivors

Posted by @compasstocare, Aug 1, 2011

In November Compass to Care Childhood Cancer Foundation will begin selling a doll, called the Dina Doll, to raise awareness of our cause and funds for our organization. The Dina Doll is named after my sister Dina because she was such an amazing companion for me when I battled cancer and cancer-related medical complications as a child. I realized not every child battling cancer was lucky enough to have their very own “Dina” to hold onto when the days were really tough. So we created a doll, in Dina’s honor, so they now would. (You can watch our video about the Dina Doll on our YouTube Channel at

So where do the 3000 childhood cancer survivors come in? We have a special pocket in the front of Dina’s dress where we want to place a note of inspiration from someone who has beat childhood cancer to a child who is currently battling.

We are reaching out to various cancer-related organizations and medical centers to try to get connected to 3000 survivors. Are you a survivor? Do you know one? Please visit our website and click on Cancer Survivors to send your note for one of our dolls!!!

Thank you so much!


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