Seeing a Gastro Dr. What is normal?

Posted by gastrogirl @gastrogirl, Dec 13, 2022

I need to get others experience so I know what to believe and what to expect. Here is what I have heard to be true of most.
You go to Mayo and your first visit you get evaluated. Then they send you for test and set you up with other appointments, ect.
So once you are in with them and seeing who you need, does anyone with complex issues ever get assigned to a Gastro Dr? I was told every patient only ever gets to see an NP. Nobody ever sees the Dr.
I went to patient experience and asked to see the Dr or a new gastro there so I can speak with the actual Dr and I was told that in Jacksonville that never happens. You get assigned to the NP and that is the only person you can ever see and if you are not happy with them, you are lucky to be here and you can go elsewhere. 🙁

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I heard if you say anything regarding the shot or you got sick from it mayo wont see you. so not sure why im still here


It's not just Mayo. I'm an established patient at a large hospital in SE Wisconsin. I'm dealing with CIC and I've only been able to see a Physician's Assistant, similar I think to what you call an NP. and if I want to see my PCP it takes 6 weeks.

So it's not Mayo. There is a shortage of Drs. and health care workers everywhere as far as I can tell.


Your lucky we have been trying to get into Mayo Clinic Jacksonville for 2 years and keep getting told we are not accepting new patients and no wait list. So much for getting good medical care.

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