Second Opinion From Gundersen to Mayo

Posted by newmich12 @newmich12, Jan 6 2:47pm

I have had right flank pain since December of 2021 and at this point I am stuck. The pain is every day and has caused drastic lifestyle changes. I don't exercise anywhere near as much as I used to (28 years old), I can barely do normal activities like cleaning the bathroom, and the pain gets worse the longer I am on my feet.

After never going to the doctors for anything but my annual wellness exam every year I spent the entire 2022 being tested. I was seen by GI for colonoscopy, endoscopy, eg. I saw Urology for a cystoscopy. I saw Nephrology for a kidney biopsy. I had 4 abdomen CTs and 2 of them were with contrast. Most recently I had a Thoracic and Lumber MRI taken without contrast. All of these were done at Gundersen and a year later I still do not have any answers. The Thoracic MRI showed 4 herniated discs and a pinched nerve but I am being told by my primary it is all "normal wear and tear".

At what point is it a good idea to seek a second opinion? If getting a second opinion how do I know who to call and which department to start with? This is all new to me so I have no idea how this works or what to do. I also have a $5k deductible which makes me nervous about starting all over again and the cost of doing that.


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Hello @newmich12, Welcome to Connect. It's a logical question you are asking about at what point is it a good idea to seek a second opinion. If it were me, I would want to write a list of all the questions I have and see if my doctor or care team has answers or suggestions and/or if they could suggest a refferal for a second opinion. After all the tests you had and the doctors you've seen, it's easy to understand your concerns.

I did see another discussion but it was about left flank pain. @amandajro shared some articles in her post that you might find helpful here –

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