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Seasonal Changes to ADHD symptoms in children?

Posted by @jdehart1, Nov 15, 2011

Our 8-year old son with ADHD seems to always have a worsening
of his symptoms over the winter, starting in November.
We are investigating light therapy and vitamin D supplements.

I’m wondering if others have seen this seasonal change.



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Posted by @jdehart1, Nov 26, 2011

In case others are facing a similar thing,
we have found that light therapy seems to help.
But we have also found that you have to be careful
of too much light therapy as it can cause hypomania.
For us, we seem to be settling in at about 15 minutes
each morning.
We have been using a light on the table at breakfast
for about 10 days.

I’ll follow up with more updates are we get more experience.


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Posted by @panthermlm, Jan 2, 2012

Becareful with ADHD it can be confused with depression and/or bipolar. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was about 7 or 8 and was put on riddilin. Long term effect of this med caused chemical depression. I am now 38 yrs old and still on antidepressants. I have seasonal depression. I haven’t tried light therapy as of yet but I do seem much happier and up beat when the sun is out and especially if I get to spend a 1/2 hr or so in the sun without sunscreen. Wouldn’t go much longer than that w/out sunscreen. Just beware of psychological diagnosis and get several opinions. It takes seeing a lot of psychiatrists to fnd one who’s not quick to diagnose and medicate. Children are over diagnosed and medicated too quickly. Know several children who were put on the wrong meds for years till the finally got a “real” psychiatrist who properly diagnosed & medicated the children now the respond to the meds they way they should. The children are now “normal”. Dont always go for the first diagnosis and do your own research as well your child maybe “normal” and could be taking meds he or she doesn’t really need. Good luck and best wishes.

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