Screening for Hep C

Posted by sjpphil @sjpphil, Aug 1, 2016

My husband’s doctor told him that for people in the age groups born about 1945 thru 1960 (may years may not be accurate), they should be tested for Hep C. He suggested that there was something in the way that the vaccines were formulated in those years that left this bracket of people susceptible to Hep C. Does anyone know about this? I am curious about what was wrong with the vaccines we took as kids that may have left us susceptible. Thanks.

Hi @sjpphil. I found information on Hep C from Mayo Clinic that says people born between the years 1945-1965 are at higher risk, but I would consult your husband’s physician as he/she will be able to answer specific questions based on your husband’s medical status and vaccines. Here is the link:

@rosemarya, @peakbagger and @rkz06 – can you provide any additional insight/thoughts on this?

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