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scoliosis now spinal stroke

Posted by @gaylak65 in Just Want to Talk, Jul 22, 2012

my nephew is 22 when he was 19 he had surgery rods in his back due to scoliosis it was so severe his lungs were collapsing. anyway almost 3 years later he had a spinal stroke. they say it happened above where the rods were inserted for the scoliosis. he is paralyzed chest down and currently is sedated until they find out more information. he was fine when he went tobed thursday wokw up friday couldnt move his legs waist down. by friday late moved to his chest. the tests they did didnt show anything due to the metal rods in his back so they moved him to indy for treatment. the tests came back yesterday spinal stroke will never walk again. tell me how this happens???? lived years with scoliosis finally got it fixed and now this? supposedly no treatment due to the rarity of this happening. he was trated like crap from the ambulance to the hospital workers and in the presence of his family. he was in icu and the staff didnt know why he was there because it was for critical patients. he didnt know either and they were just reluctant to help him. his mother is overwhelmed at this point. his father is in denial. and the drs dont know what to do other then send him to therapy when he is able. unbelievable. now they have to tell that young man sorry it isnt anyhting that you did it just happens and believe me i know things just happen but he laid in a hospital from 200p until 300am doing an mri cat scan knowing it wouldnt show anything due to the metal they only moved him quickly when the paraylsis moved up if they would have to trache him they werent equipped per staff. he has no idea until they wake him that anything is known. what a joke..

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