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Scleroderma and neck pain

Posted by @wants2read, Jun 5, 2012

I was diagnosed with scleroderma about 16 yrs ago along with sjogrens,raynauds ect. About 7 months ago, while on a trip, I developed severe sudden neck pain, could not move my head, swallow,and had an explosive headache.,a small,clinic where I was taken by EMS, said I had a stiff neck, which was ridiculous. Driving straight thru to home, my dr. Sent me to a neurologist who,ordered tests and scans which showed a 90 % carotid blockage. I had surgery in Jan with a bovine patch placed. Since that time, I,have had almost no range of motion with my neck. I just finished 13 visits to a physical therapist for more ROM and now have a home traction. I still do not have much ROM and my neck is tight. Has anyone ever had this happen? I was wondering if this is a possible connection to my scleroderma?
Thanks for any help.


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