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Sciatica Nerve

Posted by @dfpatrick, Sep 13, 2011

A year ago I hurt my back injuring the Sciatica nerve. My doctors told me to rest, ice, heat and time will heal it. It’s been one year and although the intense pain has subsided im still dealing with the numbness in my toes. Anyone had these symptoms to last this long? Thanks for your help



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Posted by @lstrange, Oct 4, 2011

I have had the same experience and its been a year also I started this in hopes that someone had a treatment I just went to a rehab Dr and they just wanted to prescribe a pill “Gabapentin” wich I don’t have any faith that it will help the numbness or the lack of balance that I have. I’m sorry you haven’t recovered wish someone could tell us a way back to a “normal” leg and toes.


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Posted by @erica718, Nov 4, 2011

No i have had my pain for 6 months so far, the pain has only gotten worst as the month’s go on.


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Posted by @karendarna, May 4, 2012

sciatica 6 months now NO insurance feels like steel rods jamed into my knees and calf not to mention my hip no one will help i cry as i write this LIFE IS NO MORE I HURT SO BAD


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Posted by @bettyann, May 4, 2012

Are you exercising? I have a friend who is now going through the same thing. She needs to be in rehab where she is forced to exercise. She says ‘it hurts too bad, I can’t’…so she is not improving…But I have ‘been there, done that’ …and I know that if you do NOT exercise, it will take like what seems like forever to get over it.
Have you thought about acupuncture or even a good chiropractor…they really CAN do wonders. You can find good sciatica exercises on the internet…that is where I found mine. Good luck to you!!
I do wish you the best.


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Posted by @maggiehob, Jun 3, 2012

Hello,I too have sciatica problems the first time it went right away, the second time it is still here, I have had problems now for going on 4 weeks. I tied heat and exercise, but I am a dental assistant-and I keep doing what causes the problem, so it keeps recurring, I have found recently though that ice and Ibuprofen works the best,for me. No numbness, but my pain changes from day to day,sometimes from my butt to my toes , or just my my butt, or just my lower leg… This is horrible, and no one can understand it till they actually go through it.It has made me a lot more appreciative of, other people in constant pain
I hope your numbness goes away soon..try using ice on your back once every hour,.MM


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Posted by @maggiehob, Jun 3, 2012

Correction first paragraph..I tried not tied!

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