Scar tissue post hip replacement

Posted by bah1959 @bah1959, Dec 18, 2020

Hello, I've had two THR on my right side and one on my left. I feel like someone mentioned something about scar tissue being a possible cause but can't find the post. Does anyone have any information on pain from scar tissue? It seems like since I had two incisions it's a possibility. I've gone down so many rabbit holes trying to figure this out and am hoping maybe I've found a cause? I am seeing there's no imaging that can be done to see scar tissue so I'm curious how it was diagnosed? HELP!

@bah1959, I think the post you were looking for was in the Chronic Pain members – Welcome, please introduce yourself discussion when @jenniferhunter shared some possible suggestions for you. Here is a link to the post – Hopefully other members who have experienced scar tissue after hip replacement surgery can share some suggestions.

Here's an article that may give a better explanation on pain caused by scar tissue and how it's diagnosed – Why Scar Tissue Pain Occurs and What You Can Do About It:

Have you talked with your surgeon or doctor about the scar tissue?


THANK YOU! I did ask my primary and the PA at an ortho surgeon's office. They don't seem to think that is the cause. I'm bummed. I thought maybe I'd figured it out. I'll keep looking!

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