Scar Tissue

Posted by gmajudy @gmajudy, Dec 23, 2019

I found this link interesting
I had TKR August 2019, immediately got an upper respiratory infection from hospital (common) and wasn't able to fight the scar tissue build up like I should. I had the break up of scar tissue under anesthesia 2 months later and it's much better. Dealing with bands now but that will be forever. I have occasional spark of electrical shock from a scar tissue breaking but very rarely. I guess my body has decided it's ok now and doesn't have to 'help' by making scar tissue. The article is intended for scholarly reading, so the first couple of paragraphs is enough to see that stats show this procedure (under only 10-15 minutes) versus the total arthoscopy like procedure works just as well. When they bring out knives etc., I'm not doing it. I can drive now and that's what I needed. I want my body to disintegrate all at the same time: no pacemakers for me. PT is FOREVER; whether at home or with help. They neglected to adequately inform me of the pain, etc. involved probably so they could keep me from backing out. So medicare and my insurance company put their kid through college. At least I can drive which I couldn't before. Hang in.

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Thank you so much, that article was very informative. Fingers crossed for all of us!


Thank you for this info and link. I love your comment that PT is forever…..maybe not paying someone but one definitely has to be motivated to continue on their own, and it's lifelong like it or not. Your comment about pain is true. I know for me, I was told it would be managed by medications but in all honesty- ice was the only thing that really helped me manage my pain. Maybe the meds took the edge, but I didn't have the normal or usual response like my colleagues after knee surgery.

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