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scalp disorder possibly due to excessive lice treatment

Posted by @charm, Oct 6, 2011

Due to a lice infection, I have treated my hair with R&C (pyrethrin), NIX (permethrin) and ZAP(illicium Verum). Over a period of six months, I have given myself multiple treatments with these three products.

At one point I shaved my head and the lices disappeared.
But I have in my head minuscule red, blue and black specimens that look like `dots` that sting me (like a mosquito bite). Despite their tiny size, the sting is strong.
Next to these minuscule specimens, I often find small pieces of hair about 3-4mm long that seemed to have been cut.
My family doctor and one dermatologist I consulted could not identify the problem and offer no treatment. I cannot find anything on the internet that will resemble this.

Could someone provide some light about this problem? Any supplemental information and possibly a remedy?



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Posted by @lo, Oct 11, 2011

I dyed mine and my sons hair it worked I also found the place he was getting them from, had his dad throw out s bed he got from a friend.

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