Posted by geniehl @geniehl, Jan 19, 2018

I was just diagnosed, by angiogram, with spontaneous coranary artery dissection. I was told that it was uncommon and little was known about them. I will be having my first visit with a cardioligist on Jan. 26. What kind of questions should I ask?

I would suggest asking if they plan to monitor the dissection and let it heal on its own, or a possibility or a stent. Also would ask how many SCAD patients does your cardiologist see a year? Also should you be on aspirin therapy or another anticoagulant. What can you expect for monitoring and prevention. Is there any other underlying vascular disease that may be the cause of scad such as FMD (Fibromuscular Dysplasia). One other thing you may want to discuss is doing cardiac rehab. I would recommend every scad patient go through cardiac rehab for both peace of mind and understanding what symptoms you have under supervision… does that make sense to you? I hope I did not overwhelm you with thoughts and questions! Please keep us posted how your appointment goes, and know we are all here leading up to the appointment. I know it can be overwhelming leading up the appointment, so please feel free to vent, cry or laugh… I know the emotions of this diagnosis can be all over the place. May I ask what state you live in? I am in Minnesota and have Mayo Clinic Rochester an hour away, so I am very fortunate.

Thank you so much for giving me such good questions to ask. My brother and Sister in law live in Minnesota. A small place called Albert Lee. Anyway. I was placed on aspirin therapy at the hospital. This heart thing came right out of the blue. I’m 64 years old, and although I have a myraid of health problems in my back, legs, and liver, but I was still able to do a rigerous workout at a local pool. (2 hours everyday) and felt quite healthy at the time. Now I’m worn out after a shower. I live in Utah and there hasn’t been a doctor I’ve found, out here, that seems to know much about SCAD.

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