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sarcoidosis, skin rashes, heavy perspiration and organ pain

Posted by @lmaryniw, Nov 21, 2011

NEED HELP! 7 yrs. ago I was rushed into Norwestern Hospital in Chicago, Illinois with severe abdominal pain and weight loss. I had a torn liver, pancriostitous, trouble breathing and was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. After one yr., my symptoms went away and I was said to have gone into remission. Two weeks ago I had severe abdominal pain, my breasts hurt badly(as if I were pregnant), blisters were on my back, and I could not stop perspiroring. I really thought I had Pancriotitous again. After a CT Scan and blood work, the doctors informed me that my lymphnodes were fine, my liver readings were fine and my blood work normal. I am still taking pain medication and my symptoms are still here. The doctors did say to watch out for rashes and that it may be the start of Shingles. Has anyone gone through this, because I really think the doctors think I’ve gone off my rocker, and I just don’t know where else to go…obviousely.



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Posted by @isurvivealone, Dec 4, 2011

Hi; I have a 62 yr old female friend that also has sarcoidosis and asked me if I could find a way that she can communicate with you. She is not on the Mayo network so if you would be willing to talk to her I will let her know and see if there is a way for you two to connect. I know she is on Facebook if that is an option for you.


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Posted by @bhutson, Dec 4, 2011

My husband has had pain in his right side towards his back off and on for several years In the most recent months, it has gotten severe. We have gone from one doctor to the other with no diagonis. One doctor said it was probably a disc, a pulled muscle and another suggested we change mattresses. Finally he broke out in a small patch of red spots. At the same time he was admitted to the hospital for a heart cath. Three docs told him he had shingles. It has been about a month and he is still hurting, The docs tell us it takes a while to get over them.

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