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Posted by @pattiwaggin in Just Want to Talk, Jul 27, 2012

I am post-op, 17 months- CMC Arthroplasty. I was told that I have RSD. I have the hypersensitivity, on the back of my hand; still swelling; range of motion issues. What I don't have is the intense pain that everyone says I should have. My primary has told me she isn't sure if I can be/have a diagnosis of RSD, without the pain. My hand surgeon said that I do have RSD. I'll admit I have a high pain tolerance, but is there anyone out there that has this diagnosis but not much pain? I have burning sensation on the back of my hand; in the shower, it feels like needles on my hand, but, not the crazy constant pain. Thanks for any replies.

Tags: post op rsd

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