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Roxie this is Parkins and I have paranoia schzoaffive and DID from

Posted by @parkins, Jan 23, 2012

Roxie this is Parkins and I have paranoia schzoaffive and DID from being so so much trama in my life. I am duel Dx and in recovery for 9 months now. I also have PTSD and OCD. It’s hard to get myself outside but doing so is the best thing I could to for myself and staying clean. I grew up in a family of addicts and acholics. Being 51yrs young I have worked hard in recovery and such very hard. I also have sleep apnea and depression. well they say Biplor with more on the depression side. I have been in MH over 40yrs and now parkinsons. the Michael J. Fox type from the meds all these years. I’m new to this forum type communication so I’m not sure what to so. Hope this gets to you. thanks for listening! @roxie43



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Posted by @roxie43, Jan 24, 2012

Hi Parkins,
First of all, congratulations on being clean for 9 months. That is amazing and you should be very proud of yourself. Thank you for sharing about your illness and always remember that you are not alone. I know at times it feels like we are all alone but our community, social media, friends, family, social clubs for persons living with mental illnesses and support groups are great ways to remain connected and get the support we need. I like the 51 years young :-). Yes, you are still young and have so much life ahead of you and just like you have been in MH for 40 years or more now you are faced with another challenge. I am sorry that you have to deal with so many things and I am also proud because you sound like a very strong person. Being clean for 9 months when everything else in your life appears so complicated is no easy task so that tells me that you have it in you to continue living and confronting all the challenges in your life. Please make sure that you are trying to remain active because depression can be so difficult when one is trying to deal with so many things. Whatever you do, try not to isolate and finds healthy things to do with your spare time. One day at a time Parkins……Rox

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