Routine male infant circumcision

Posted by Bill @waterboy, Aug 4, 2019

In the early 1900's Dr John Kellogg from Battle Creek, Mi promoted routine male infant circumcision for one and only one reason…. masturbation.Some have it done for religious reasons, some for cleanliness, some for cosmetic looks, and worse yet for monetary gain. Does the medical staff tell you that over 100 baby boys die in hospitals in this country every year! Do they tell you that the risks outweigh the benefits (and it will not stop masturbation)? Finally some insurance companies won't cover this elective cosmetic surgery…. and the cost range in the $1000 range.

Women use the reason that they have the right to terminate a developing human life, called abortion, or women's reproductive rights, When the umbilical cord is cut it is HIS BODY NOT HERS and there is no justifiable medical reason for this…. and causes problems later in life. This surgery is highly painful for the infant male… they can't give enough lidocaine because of the size of the infant, and if the have a bleeding disorder a baby only has to lose 2/3 of an ounce of blood to go into traumatic shock. In some hospitals these infant foreskins are sold for up to $1000 to harvest skin cells called fiborblast used in anti aging creams. How many of you have seen a young boy with dirty fingernails… do we pull them out?

Bill, then don't have it done. I'm sure we all have opinions on elective surgeries. I appreciate my parents decision, I don't recall the pain or trauma.

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