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Rotator cuff

Posted by @barbie12, Sep 22, 2012

I slipped and fell on my left side over a yr ago. I had a mri done which showed bursitis. i went thru therapy and shots, my doctor sent me to a surgeon, He did shoulder surgery , when he went in i had a torn labrium. after surgery and a couple weeks later went in for a follow up i had trouble moving my arm. The surgeon said i had to have rotator cuff surgery. I had the surgery and i am 8wks post op, I am now suffering frozen shoulder and in physical therapy. I have the same problem before the rotator cuff surgery. cant lift my arm up or put it behind my back and i have a shooting pain going down my bicep muscle (that muscle always hurts) I dont feel like im making any progress yet in physical therapy, is this normal ? when i do my exercises at home i have delayed pain shooting from the shoulder, It is also uncomfortable to sit in a chair with the cushion against my arm cause it feels like it moves the muscle or something. anyone else have any of these problems. Im getting worried that maybe there is something else wrong?


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