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Rotator Cuff Tear and Brachial Plexus Injury?

Posted by @laxbro2013, Oct 24, 2012

I am a 17 year old male, and whie playing lacrosse 5 weeks ago, I was hit illegaly, right below the neck line, and i hit the ground with my arm extended, and i could not hear if anything tore or popped, but my arm was numb and my shoulder was painful but i ignored it and put it off as a stinger, and kept playing. Any ways, as the weeks have progressed, i am unable to lift my arm above shoulder height, and at that point it almost pops and goes numb, and i am also experiencing pain along the spine of my scapula and into my actual shoulder joint, along with, when i put deoderant on or anything in my armpit, it is quite painful, and i feel it all in my shoulder. Also, i have developed popping when moving my arm in any way. Now, anything as simple as walking to hard, the vibrations are uncomfortable for my arm and shouder. Any idea what i could narrow it down to? I dont want to take time off, but i am also beginning training for Air Force Pararescue and need to know what may be wrong so i can apprpriatley determine my next action.
Thanks for reading this long explation.


Asher Sports Therapy

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Posted by @ashersportstherapy, Oct 31, 2012

You might try active release technique on the lat, pec minor, scalene, brachial plexus, radial nerve. If you get a good ART practitioner they would be able to feel the restriction of nerve on each muscle and manually separate them. Also try red light therapy to help heal the damaged/strained nerves If you have questions you can private message me. take care


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Posted by @questink, Feb 6, 2016

Based on my personal experience, I’m suspecting you’ve torn the rotator cuff in that shoulder. A year ago I fell onto my right shoulder, thereafter experiencing significant pain with particular movements. I waited 2-3 weeks before deducing that it wasn’t going to “go away”. The doctor ordered X-rays which showed no breaks, then gave a cortisone injection to which I reacted with even worse pain. PT was a ‘wash’ on the first visit so, ultimately, on October 1st I had a surgical repair of a full tear of the rotator cuff and bicep. Following surgery, the PT was long an arduous and I hated doing it (3x daily). However, I stuck with it for the prescribed 4 months and now have almost full use of that shoulder. Long story short: I feel you need to see an orthopedic surgeon. The surgery is a breeze and the recovery is a challenge but it’s what needs to be done to get back on your feet, so to speak.
I hope you’ll post the outcome of your injury. Best of luck in your prognosis!

PS: I’m not familiar with ART or Red Light therapy.

Colleen Young, Connect Director

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Posted by @colleenyoung, Feb 7, 2016

Welcome to Connect @questink.
It’s great to hear success stories like yours. It’s not easy sticking to physical therapy. I don’t think anyone likes it. But hearing that you got full use of your shoulder after surgery AND keeping up an arduous PT program gives inspiration to others.

I’m tagging @karenamarcon because I think she would like to read your success story. Karen, how are your doing? Did you get surgery?

@questink you can read Karen’s story here

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