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roscea and ocu lar roscea

Posted by @hester, Aug 16, 2012

I was first diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and was put on steroid creams for my face. For years I used the creams, as directed, fatefully. Eventually my face started turning red and burning every time I would apply the creams. So, I went and bought oatmeal soap which seemed to calm the skin on my face. Now the doctor tells me that I have roscea and my face is red, itchy and stings a lot. I wonder did the creams have anything to do with the dermatitis turning into roscea? I’m very, very depressed over this. Can’t go out in the sun, I’m alone most of the time so this makes it even worse. I cry a lot about it, but that doesn’t do any thing in helping to get rid of the roscea. They say that there is no cure for it. That was very heart breaking to hear. I don’t know what to eat, I love dairy products but they say not to eat them, it seems that the list on what to eat is nothing at all because I don’t want the redness to get worse. I am a right leg amputee because I was hit by a car. Mostly I’m in the wheelchair but can take care of myself and my house. Right now I’m just lonely and depressed over the roscea. I have no family near by, and my family is another story all in itself. No one speaks to each other. If anyone has any advice on how to control the redness please share it with me. Thank you … Hester



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Posted by @gidget66, Sep 18, 2012

Hi Hester:
I was diagnosed with psoriasis and roscea. First one would break out then the other. I itched and hurt, hurt and itched. Derms gave me many different kinds of ointments to use which only made one or both conditions worse. I was reading another website and the posters were talking about using witchhazel and oil together. I kept reading and someone suggested Eucerin. I just had one of those “light-bulb” moments and went out to buy the product. I’ve been using it several times a day and all is almost cleared. I have places behind my ears and at my hairline but I assure you it’s nothing like it used to be. My face and different places on my body will have a build up of dried skin so I scrub that off and use the Eucerin…GOOD STUFF.

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