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Posted by @joepa957 in Skin Health, Oct 25, 2011

I was diagnosed with rosacea a year ago and it is totally ruining my life. Now its getting to where everyday my whole face lights up like a tomato and feels on fire from my ears to my neck to my face.. Ive tried creams with no results.. Any ideas on how to minimize flare ups and how to cover up this nightmare????

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Posted by @cwmcdaniel, Oct 27, 2011

I have this also. I have found that if I have a glass of wine, especially red, my face is very red and irritated. The creams do not work with me either. I just limit my wine and it isn't as bad. Hope this helps. I just wish they would find a way to get rid of it all together.

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Posted by @sweetsaur, Jan 15, 2012

AMEN...Getting rid of the wine really helps. I get it with hard candies. I look like a huge pink-faced balloon. Yikes and Good Luck.


Posted by @anon36093549, Oct 29, 2011

I was diagnosed with rosacea about 10 years ago. I would recommend keeping track of foods you eat to see if anything causes a flare up. I have noticed that extreme heat, cold and wind bothers mine. Also make sure you're wearing a sunscreen daily. I have found a makeup by Jane Iredale which helps minimize the redness. Next week I am having an IPL treatment on my face and neck. I will let you know the outcome.


Posted by @anon36093549, Oct 29, 2011

Other products that work for me are by Dermalogica and PCA skin. Do you have access to a skin renewal clinic? I visited one and was introduced to these products.


Posted by @joepa957, Oct 29, 2011

I will look into the skin renewel clinic.. Weather conditions are my biggest issue. Everday when i get off work my whole head starts flushing and burns for about an hour or 2. Extremely frustrating. Thx for the ideas. Im willin to try anything.


Posted by @dory, Jan 9, 2012

I believe my daughter has the same problem too. The redness on her face is now spread to her forehead and eyelids. We tried Eucerin creme and lotions. It is not working. Does anyone know where can I get a list of food my daughter should avoid?


Posted by @sweetsaur, Jan 15, 2012

I just found out I have it also. Mine isn't too bad. But, I have found that using Sheer Cover concealer over Avon's Magix Face Perfector really helps. Some days I just use the Magix since it is easy to apply. Good Luck!


Posted by @blake500, Mar 3, 2012

I have tried everything with no results. Any advice for my issue? See my posting please...


Posted by @misskm, Apr 21, 2012

This product has seriously changed my life!!!

I posted a very long explanation on Blake500's individual post.


Posted by @kaydomac, May 25, 2012

Skin problems are usually the result of digestive problems. Get off all wheat and dairy for at least three months. Get you gut repaired.

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