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Rook, I have a BCIR and prefer it over any other

Posted by @marylynette, May 23, 2012


I have a BCIR and prefer it over any other ileostomy. I have had an ileo since 1983, the first was the traditional with a bag which kept falling off because of the extreme amount of output I had,, which wa s really watery, I had constant diarhea which the docs have yet to figure out the cause of. I have what they call rapid transit time, stuff goes from mouth to pouch in ten minutes which causes pain and discomfor, and a lot of trips to empty my pounch. Having lived so many years with an ileo I can hardly remember life without it. I love the BCIR, and have great people who help me when I have problems. It has started just recently to leak a bit and emptying it has become a bit more diffiicult, but I have had it since 1995 and so the collar and valve may be getting a bit loose. I will deal with that issue when the more pressing issue of the dehydration I am dealing with has been resolved. Just what is causing the difficulty for you with the ostomy? I have married since having the first surgery (twice in fact) and lived a really good life, travelled to Europe and around the country camping. I must admit that it took some time to figure out that I needed to use the handicap bathroom so that I dfon’t have to rinse the catheter out in public, but now that I have that resolved public bathrooms are no longer a problem. I carry my supplies in a very pretty little pouch which my friend gave me, it is blue velvet with a gorgeous cameo surrounded by beads. I can carry it into a bathroom if I am out and no one has any idea what is in it. I have finally found bandages which work well, and have learned that certain products work for me while others don’t. It has been a matter of trial and taken time, but life with the ostbdomy has proven to be better than the suffering of ulcerative colitis which was about to kill me. I hope I haven’t gone on too much, would love to hear from you and chat more….. marylynette @rook


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