Risks of gastric bypass surgery

Posted by squiffy225 @squiffy225, May 23, 2012

Hi. My name is Dan and I lost my fiance’ 6 months ago to complications resulting from gastric bypass surgery. In short, before I met her, she was obese and chose the aforementioned procedure as a solution to her problem. She lost an enormous amount of weight, and all seemed well. During the summer of 2009, her condition degraded greatly. Her small bowel died, and the surgeon removed all but 30 milimeters of her small intestion. For 2-1/2 years, I provided her with 4 litres of hydration, and TPN (Total Parential Nutrition) for nutrients, administered over a 24 hour period per day. She succumbed to massive organ failure on November 23, 2011.

Be VERY careful before comitting to gastric-bypass surgery. It has risks. I can attest to that.

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Dan, I just read your post and was shocked and saddened to hear about your fiance’s death. I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for you and her family during this very difficult time. And thank you for posting this warning…I had actually never before heard of someone passing away due to complications from a Gastric Bypass surgery. I’ll pass on this warning to others. God bless.


Hi Dan. I am so sorry for your loss. Bariatric surgery is very risky and, after being through it myself with a year of severe complications, I would not recommend it to anyone–and I just got a lapband! I can’t imagine the suffering I might have gone through had I had bypass. Thank you for posting. I think the bariatric world is very much in denial about all the possible complications, not to mention the very low success rate for lapbanders.


I am very sorry for your loss.but my mother has it nearly 6 years ago and didn’t have a single issue and I know dozens of people whom had it and not a single problem. You can die from a single appy procedure. :/

Its not the surgery itself only. I think it’s a life saver

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