Rising PSA number from 5.7 at Biopsy to 6.7 in 4 months with Gleason 6

Posted by kugrad1975 @kugrad1975, May 6 10:01am

Age 70. 2 Biopsies in the past 1 1/2 years. Gleason score of 6. Pirads SCORE of 2. Oncotype DX score of 17. Been advised to pursue Active Surveillance. No symptoms. but am concerned the PSA has increased 1.0 in only 4 months. Have read an increase in .5 in one year is alarming. Also have read that many Urologists don't get too worried until PSA jumps over 10. Am experiencing some anxiety. Any advice?

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Thanks for your post – I learned a lot (I'm a newly dx'd prostate cancer patient – doing lots of reading to find my best course)

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Barnes & Noble Patrick Walsh, MD " Surviving Prostate Cancer " (4th ed some protocols have evolved) and free Patient Guide from Prostate Cancer Foundation, downloadable or hard copy, pci.org are resources that helped me.
Best wishes.


Listen to web265 and calm down. I am 74 and just did the 5 radiation treatments before the British study that just came out that determined if you did nothing, had a proctectomy, or did radiation your chance of dying of prostate cancer at 15 years was the same in all groups. That makes you 85. You have a way better chance of dying from something else. I was a PSA 2.9 with a 7mm lesion, with a Pirads 4 and my biopsy showed 3-4 and 4-3 making me unfavorable intermediate risk. PSA had been in the 2's for 5 years at 74 it is well below 4. Relax and just keep an eye on it and enjoy life.

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