Ringing in the ears and noise-sound sensitivity

Posted by joannemm34293 @joannemm30809, Nov 4, 2021

Besides my symptoms somewhat paralleling with autonomic nervous system breakdown and one doctor diagnosed me with dysautonomia while several other doctors disagreed with that diagnosis, one of my other strange symptoms I have is constant ringing in the ears but what's even stranger is I have along with the episodes of racing heartbeat and pulse and blood pressure or regularities and bowel issues and visual disturbances etc I also have this very strange sensitivity to noise and sound.

The only way I can describe this is if someone makes a simple sound is hitting their fork on the table or their four kids their plate and to most people it's just a basic minimal noise well not to me. That noise will vibrate through my ears and through my body. So even a door shutting the sound of the door shutting and it's not loud it's not like even slamming a door just basic shutting of a door or simple sounds that other people it does not bother them those sounds will vibrate through me. Does anybody else have this and what in the world could cause such noise and sound sensitivity. I can't figure out why I have the racing heart and the pulse and blood pressure variations and the visual disturbances and the bowel issues when I have these " episodes " but along with those episodes I have sound and noise sensitivity. It's like my whole body's falling apart or misfiring and none of these doctors have helped me at all over 3 years. None of them.

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Sounds like you are suffering from recruitment or hyperacusis along with tinnitus. I know what that ear pain feels like, being a sufferer myself. The American Tinnitus Association is a good place for information on these subjects along with non .com sites on the internet. Good luck finding answers to your constellation of health issues. Some may not be related to each other but simply be separate problems.


Thank you for responding. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
The ringing in my ears and now over past two years severe noise sensitivity actually makes me feel very sick. I've had ringing in the ears for years and visited what I felt was a very incompetent ENT doctor is SW Fl about ten years ago. That entire visit to that ENT was a waste of my time and money.
I've lived with this constant high buzzing ringing noise for many years but then two years ago this debilitating noise-sound sensitivity started which is horrible and adds now to my long list of health issues that doctors can not figure out SO I just suffer from day to day, month to month and now year to year.

I'm so fed up and really infuriated with majority of so called "doctors and specialist".


I get it. I have the high pitched ringing and loud rumbling and believe it or not I hear a tune that repeats itself for hours. I have had tinnitus for about 40 years. Doctors are not helpful because they are aware that there is nothing to be done for the condition and feel as though it is futile seeing patients with tinnitus. Deafness helps to blunt the pain of recruitment as does noise habituation through exposure to sound on a gradual basis.

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