Right hip pain with no relief

Posted by diddy @diddy, Feb 12, 2020

I’m 49, female and fed up with this pain. I’ve had x-rays of hip and lower back that showed no problems, I’ve done physical therapy and tried stretching but I’m not getting any relief at all.
The pain is both inside and outside of my hip. If I spread my right leg apart the pain stabs me to tears
My range is limited and sometimes it prevents me from walking stairs or just enjoying life. I’m not over weight and have always been active, martial arts, fitness, horseback riding, hiking! I wished I could find an answer. I’ve seen an orthopedic surgeon and he didn’t help he just made me do physical therapy!
I’ve had sciatica before but it never effected my groin and inner hip. Does anyone else deal with this? If so what is it???

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Hi there & I'm a 54 yr old female now. I can relate to you in your misery & pain from hip pain. I started feeling differences in my rt.hip as young as 38yrs old & after my 42nd b-Day it got progressively worse. The pain was unbelievable & I too was in great physical shape & did Yoga, biking trails, & swimming. However I started to feel more & more pain & as a result I too went to see & orthopaedic Dr. But he sent me to Physical Therapy & while I was getting PT my therapist asked me if I ever had measured my leg lengths? I thought she was nuts. Lol. But she told me to see a chiropractor & I went & guess what my right leg is 2 inches longer than my left leg. Wow! What an eye opener & he ordered a pair of shoes that looked like they had wedges for entire bottoms. Except that they were deeper on 1foot than the other. I wore them for 6mos & felt much better as a result. I wore these shoes got 2pairs insurance didn't cover it back then. But maybe they do now. I'm not sure. Now I have arthritis in my rt hip & need TKR in my left knee. I wish u well.

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