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Right ear full, Off balanced

Posted by @anon71443614, Jul 6, 2013

First off I have had bad allergies since beginning of May 2013 then they seem to start subsiding in beginning of June. Now heres my situation: I was in a bad car accident near the end of May and had the airbags deploy, saved my life. Felt still had some allergies after that. But just recently I have had bad off balance and fullness in my right ear. Now somedays I feel congested in my head and ears and some days I don’t. But have had constant moderate and couple severe off balanced dizzy spells & fullness in my right ear comes n goes, but mostly full alot. It has been debilitating sometimes… I was curious if 1) the airbags could of caused an inner ear problem, 2) if its just allergies what other medicines should I take since Clariton is not working. I also take motion sickness pills to keep my off balance, somewhat balanced. My doctor has told me 2 times now he feels its just really bad allergies but again I rather have another opinion. I have bad anxiety about this recently and I pray it’s not Meniere’s Disease. Let me know thanks!


Posted by @kateteece, Nov 20, 2013

Hello, and please excuse the delay in responding to your concern. I hope you are feeling better than you were over the summer. I would begin by asking your primary care provider for a referral for a hearing evaluation and possible vestibular and ENT evaluations. It sounds like your symptoms are still troubling you. Best of luck!

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