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rhuematoid arthritis

Posted by @gt in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Sep 19, 2011

I have sensations in feet, legs, hands. What does RA feel like?

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Posted by @gtechmom2, Oct 11, 2011

I have RA and let me tell you the pain you have during episodes in your knees and hands are almost at times unbearable. I would encourage you to have RA blood work done if you have not already done so to determine the number of your RA if you have it. And from there your doctor can best describe treatment to help you live a normal life. There are so many things you can do that isnt medically induced that help with the joint pains as well. Such as, yoga, walking, Water aerobics(my fav :)
It is also important that you have a support person that you can vent on when the episodes happen. And they are aware when you start to feel tired and can make you see you need to take a nap or a rest for a bit. 🙂

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Posted by @stevej, Oct 21, 2011

To the poster above,
How long have you had RA? If you dont mind me asking, how old are you now? I am trying to get a look into what I have infront of me. Im 16 and diagnosed by blood tests.


Posted by @gt, Oct 21, 2011

I am 60, I was diagnosed at 58, but when I think about the way my muscles seemed stiff, since I played ball and rode horses. I think it happened since I was in 20's. It may be very good that you have found out now. I am not an expert, at all.


Posted by @bennyinwisconsin, Nov 8, 2011

Hello, I am 46 and always deal with pain in my joints, of course that is worse when I am active, jogging, riding bike, and volleyball. The pain never really goes away with taking Advil or Motrin, just makes it bearable. Any I haven't seen a doctor about this at all, but I had tests when I was in my early twenties and a rheumatologist said I show in my blood I may have RA...since then I haven't had the luxury of a doctor to look at me again for it. What is a normal treatment for those of you with Ra?, Meds? Therapy? Etc...? I do have times when it is worse than others, I got on here hoping to find others that perhaps can inform me, I greatly all and anything that you would be willing to share with me. Thanks!


Posted by @gt, Nov 8, 2011

My treatment is a once a week shot I give myself. And my doctor prescribed it because it is a cheap medicine. If you let your inflammation run wild, it will cause lots of problems in other parts of your body. My prescription is for Methotrexate.


Posted by @seabrookrose, Feb 23, 2012

yeah i have just found out i have inflamation everywhere.. including on the cerebal and in the ears. Doctor says to give Actemra time i just hope it works. I tried the shots at home but found I could not do it and no one here wants to give them to me so I went with Actemra once a month... I am now also rying vitamin Bcomplex... hoping it works...


Posted by @gt, Feb 24, 2012

I hope it works too. Good luck. I keep reading about inflamatory foods and vitamins, but it's not sinking in, so my diet has not changed much. The B complex may be an option I should look into, however. Thanks for the tip. I see my doctor again in about a month.


Posted by @seabrookrose, Jan 27, 2012

HI i was diagnosed as having a negative positive blood test for RA. so they said i did not have it. But when i saw a new doctor with better reputation he said that even though it was neg/pos. I do have RA and now am on meds. They are giving me Lyrica because i also have Fibromyalgia, I also take Arava and now on infusion for Actemra, I also have the sharp pains in my ankle I thought it was because i twisted it back in 08. maybe the RA just makes it worse. I have days when i feel good but just as many as those days i don't want to move. The Actemra seems to help though as i have been feeling a little less pain this past month, i have only had two infusions so it is a wait and see game. I tried the Remicade infusion and Humara but ended up whit sever bronchitis with each infusion. any one else had that problem with those med. I do notice i am sorer if I miss my lyrica though.. Oh and I am 50 right now. diagnosed around age 46


Posted by @gt, Jan 28, 2012

Hi, You are on more meds than I am, but so long as I do not do too much at a time I am OK. I had the pains in my ankles, then in a toe, then in hand. Most is gone for longer time frames now. I am going to experiment with diet, and try to do some light exercise...say walking and some stretches. Good luck, you are young.


Posted by @gt, Oct 21, 2011

Hello, I have been diagnosed 2 1/2 years. My SED? count was nearly 700. I now am on medication, but sometimes my ankles have sharp knife-like pain. Then my muscles seize in my legs. Like cramps. Seems to be in hips and back numb up too. I was wondering if this is from an old fall or injury.
I love the support person, and the nap/rest. Because I definatey find it helpful.


Posted by @vsmith, Nov 27, 2011

I have RA and I will say that exercise does help considerably. When I refused starting the medicine recommended by the rheumatologist she didn't want to see me anymore. I would just like to have someone to talk to that is going through the same thing. Where do you find a support person?

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