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Rheumatory Negative

Posted by @rondac in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Jun 7, 2012

I'm 62, dealing with this condition since I was 35. No doctor can find what is wrong with me except the possibly of Rheumatory Arthritis Negative. I have very little information on this condition as it is very rare. I've had two knee replacements, spinal fusion and it's starting in my hands, hot pain and swelling. Doctor put me on pretisone for 2 1/2 weeks to see if I respond and then wants to put me on methotrexate. Is there anyone out there like me. All my test results come back better than average.I show symptoms of Lupus, Sjorgrens Diease, Rheumatory Arthritis, Ostiporosis. But they kind mark it with a test. I've recently spent $10,000.00 in test and it came back unnormal. That's better than normal yet my joints are being destroy and it's getting worse quicker. Please let me hear from you, if there is one other person like me anywhere. Thank you and God Bless you.


Posted by @sjohnson, Oct 2, 2012

Hello I am 45 years old female and have all the symptoms of those diseases myself but no positive test results to confirm. drs dismiss me but I am watching my joints deteriorate before my eyes. I have been dignosed with Fibromyalgia but that just seems to give the drs a bag to throw all the other symptoms in that I insist is something more. I can feel them changing and see them changing but drs do not take me seriously. Need a dr who will listen and look at the whole picture and not just the symptom of the day. No help here either except in prayer. God Bless


Posted by @rondac, Oct 3, 2012

Ms. sjohnson, Let me suggest what worked for me. My doctor told me to take pictures of anything, any swelling, anything that happened to me to send to her. It took them for 2 months and I wrote on the back of the picture where the swelling and hurting was and on the front I drew a circle around inflammed area. She could finally see and knows I definitely have RA Negative. Now the bad news. She recommended I start with the lowest form of Kimo therapy there is called Methetoxin. May not be spelled correctly. After doing research on this medicine it was easy for me to see that the anti inflamatory Meloxicam that I was already talking was working to some degree ( I found that out during absent of the drug while I had back surgery on my spine) I am back on it and she will monitor my kidneys and liver on a 3 month basis to keep an eye on things. The cancer drug had so many really bad sides effects, there was just no way I would put my body throught that. Since then I have learned to drink lemon water two days straight, big jug full, 1/2 lemon juice, ice and enjoy. It is acid but there is something in the brain that turns it alkaline in your body. If you can get you body back to alkanline state then everything has a chance of getting better. Two weeks into it and I now have grown finger nails. I don't ever grow finger nails. Notice that my bowels are working much better now. This is a big relief. I'll have to let you know more in time, so writ anytime to want to check in with me. Well, we now know what we have, but the way we get better is to take better care of ourselves. I'm losing weight and trying to lose more all the time. Sometimes I do great and sometimes I slip a little but I don't give up. I excercise by walking all I can. Again shut down at times with knees or hips. But I got an exercise bike that's easy to turn and I will ride that this winter. East good food for you snacks. No red meet. I quite that for 2 years and it cured my Fribro. I had it real bad. It's the hormones they put in the beef. You can have chicken, pork, fish. Watch out for ready made foods. Eat green vegetables and raw vegetables, apples are so good, one a day and I take Calicum 1200mg a day, Theregram Vitamins 1 time a day. Keep dairy foods low, also bad for Fibro. You say, I can't give up all that stuff I love. Yes you can if you want to quite hurting. Now not everyone is affected by the red meat. I was one of them that was and my doctors recognize this in others that were their patients. Just take my anti inflamory 1 time a day, walk, eat right, lose weight and you will be doing all you can and I know that God will help you and do something wonderful for you. He's right with us all the time, just talk to him that way. He healed my eyes, I was about to go blind from the the sjorgrens and a birth defect. Dr. Berdy had to take cataracts out of my eyes. He wasn't going to do the right one because I couldn't use it anyway. I begged him to do both and he did. I could not afford the real expensive lens, just the regular ones. I can see everything now in distance you would not believe. My family can't believe. I can even see with my right eye fairly well. Dr. Berdy said sometimes God works through him and does the most unbelievable things. True Story. So be happy that you are here each day, it is truly a gift that you get to be here. Use ice on you sore places. That's helps me the most. Take you Calicum regular, Daily Vitamin, and drink you lemon water. Get back to me in two months. I'd can't wait to hear the good news. I know how bad it can hurt but wrap up in a comfy warm blanket and get exlaxed watching a tv show you like and after the front gets over we are going to feel better. Wonder how many RA Negatives there are in this world. Do you know my test show that I am unnormal. That means above normal. It could blow our minds but we know we are not crazy and we just have to do our best to keep going and moving and you'll end of like me. Better and close to God. Sincerely Ronda Hill

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