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Rheumatoid Arthritis Medication

Posted by @meggy, Jan 29, 2012

Hello – My name is Meggy. I have Rheumatoid Arthritiis and Osteoarthritis, for which I am taking Enbrel. I am currently inbetween insurance plans and have been making an effort to find help in paying for two months worth of the medication. The monthly cost exceeds the amount I receive from SSDI. So far, I have contacted the makers and distributors of Enbrel but haven’t had any sucess. If anyone in the community has any sugestions or the names of programs that can help in this situation, please let me know. I live in MA which makes my situation more difficult, as MA laws in re. medications limit access to these programs.



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Posted by @powerofpositive, Feb 10, 2012

I’d try the company again. Also inquire with your physicians office, perhaps they can help the process. Is there a free clinic in our area? Some times they can help with the costs as they generally serve the under insured/no insurance population and may have resources to assist you.


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Posted by @poppop, Feb 12, 2012

Go to on left side of homepage click brand name drugs. Page will open and click E in drug list. Scroll up and find Enbrel. clink on page that opens on right, click top link. This will take you to sit to apply for meds. Will see if I can find help on back payments. Also try SSDI and se if they will pay for them.


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Posted by @littlepixie, Feb 13, 2012

I also take Enbrel for RA. Enbrel has a program that will help pay for up to 6 months of your prescription. It is a support program. They have nurses available 24/7 to answer questions at an 800 number and there is a number to register at in order to get your meds for free or at a reduced price. You can call 1-888-436-2735 or go online to Hope this helps.

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