R/H Tibia Pain

Posted by tibia @tibia, Mar 3, 2017

Hello all had a muscle flap and a Russell Tailor Nail put in my Tibia back in 1990 leg has done ok for the condition of leg. But now pain has been elevated since last year have seen many doctors. Have been told not to disturb muscle flap or Nail. Pain management spoke of putting a block in my back for pain. thinking of going to Mayo Clinic any input. I want to fix problem if possible don’t just want to mask pain..

Hello @tibia! Thank you for posting to the Mayo Clinic Connect community. I’m sorry to hear you are in pain. Here is a link to our Mayo Clinic appointment line http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63 for a another opinion.

I would like to introduce you to @lynettegable who has posted in another conversation that she had a muscle flap done at Mayo. Lynette, can you share your Mayo experience with @tibia, who is thinking about coming for a second opinion?

@tibia, if you’re comfortable sharing, what was the reason for your flap in 1990? Also, please keep us updated along your journey addressing your muscle flap. Others on connect will learn from you. Sending hope and healing thoughts your way!

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