Restless limbs while on mirtazepine

Posted by louijane @louijane, Mar 22, 2019

I have been taking 30mg of mirtazepine at night for around 4 months . I do feel more motivated during the day, but at night my legs and arms drive me crazy , I can't lie still, so I'm not sleeping, my neighbours probably think I'm crazy cos I'm outside walking around in the middle of the night. My question is does this improve after being on mirtazepine for longer ??? At this point between restless limbs and the dreams I'm very tempted to stop using it. Thanks

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@louijane Welcome to connect we aren't medical people who can diagnose but help with our experience that we have On our problems I've had restless legs ,arms and tight neck muscles my Dr gave me Pramipexole to take at no but it sure helps me I think it's generic for Miraplex ? Maybe talk with your Dr about this summer since your not getting any relief from yours.Good luck

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