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restless legs syndrome

Posted by @lknightesyahoocom in Healthy Living, Jul 13, 2012

I've suffered with RLS for many years. I was mainly happening at bed time but now it happens in the afternoon and by 7:00 pm I want to jump out of my skin. I take medication but as soon as I do I am out for the night. Does anyone have some suggestions that might help. I am desperate and getting extremely depressed over it.

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Posted by @nightdancer, Jul 18, 2012

The longer you take a dopamine agonist the more chance you have of it causing augmentation of your symptoms. I am sure there is info on this site about augmentation with meds like Requip or Mirapex. You did not say what meds you are on, so I am guessing. Augmentation is worsening of your symptoms as the med stops working. is a great web site that a neurologist who specializes in RLS maintains and answers all questions. I also manage several support groups online for RLS and other sleep disorders. I saw you had no replies, so I could not just ignore you. It does not look like it is very busy here at least not as busy as other sites that specilaize in RLS. It is VERY common for symptoms to appear earlier and earlier. It is either time to take a drug holiday, so the med you are taking will work better again, or maybe up the dose after you talk to your doctor. Again, I do not know what meds you are taking, so guessing as I said. But, I hear your story every day, so you are not alone. Knowledge is power, so hit the reputable web sites like this one for info to help you. Plus and


Posted by @lknightesyahoocom, Jul 18, 2012

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I take Requip for the restless legs and Lexapro for depression. The RLS started years ago (I'm 49) but would come and go - not to the degree I have it now. Its so bad and I am so discouraged by it. After 7:00 hits I no longer enjoy life. I can't think of the dosage I take but its 3 pills before bed. Thank you so much for reaching out to me - it means alot. Also thank you for those websites. I've been searching for support groups on RLS and always come up empty handed.


Posted by @needsleep2, Jul 22, 2012

Good advice from nightdancer.

You mentioned wanting a support group. If you don't mind using the computer, the RLS Foundation, at, has a discussion board. It's like a virtual support group. There is excellent information at the Foundation's site and on the discussion board.

Hope to see you there.


Posted by @lknightesyahoocom, Jul 23, 2012

Thank you for replying to my post. I was so excited when I heard there is a virtual support group. I personally don't know of anyone that suffers with RLS so I'm anxious to spend with other people that suffer. Thanks again

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