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Respiratory problems

Posted by @dcox, Aug 21, 2011

I was a very active 54 year old man, loved to work out, play tennis, basketball. In the fall of 2010 I decided I was going to get in great shape. Started working out very hard with a rowing machine, lifting weights 3 times a week and also used an eliptical quite a bit. In December I got very sick with a fever of 101 and a terrible sore throat and a really strange burning in my lungs trachea and sinuses. Was put on antibiotics and then after about a week developed a severe ear infection. To shorten this up I was put on 5 different antibiotics up until March of this year. Nothing about this illness has been normal, I have developed a terrible tremor, my nervous system seems to be involved. I cough very little but I have been put on a steroid inhaler as well as maxaire as I wheeze a lot and lately my lungs just feel like something is down there irritating them. I often times feel like I can’t get air and very rarely cough anything up. My sinuses burn and feel inflamed all the time but again very rarely does my nose run. Through all this I have had strange pains under my arm pits that comes and goes but doctors have checked numerous times and don’t think it is lymph glands. I don’t feel like doing anything anymore and I spend much of my time laying around. I do go lift weights once in a while when I feel slightly good. I was told by one person it sounded like mold toxin to them. Has anyone had anything similar to this, and I am seriously considering making an appointment at Mayo’s. Thanks for reading



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Posted by @beth5614, Sep 8, 2011

I hope you find some answers,soon!!!!! It’s so frustrating to constantly not feel well,&people don’t understand if they haven’t been thru it. Esp. for you,because you were very active, had a goal in mind, & then you were “blindsided” by all of this!


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Posted by @chattey2, Oct 7, 2011

Were you a smoker at one time? I had not smoked for 25 hrs and was a light smoker when I did.
I was very active- played a lot of tennis. One day I started running a high fever and it seemed to tale forever to get well. Started back to playing tennis and was exhausted when I finished a game. Then one day I was playing and my lungs wouldn’t open ( or that is how it felt) . I we t to a Pulmonologist and much to my surprise was dx with copd . So get evaluated by a Pulmonologist.
Best of luck!

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